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Eliminate your Testing Workload, Decrease Production Incidents, Add New Feature Availability, and Reduce Costs

All at the Same Time

Workday customers often find it difficult to allocate the time for internal personnel to test the weekly non-versioned updates, much less the bi-annual R1/R2 versioned releases.  This frequently results in new features

and updates going live with little to no testing, and companies being forced to pass on implementing optional features.  Not only does this increase the number of impactful incidents in production, but it reduces the value that Companies are able to realize from their annual Workday investment.  And, adding further complication to the problem, up until now the available automated testing solutions for Workday have not been fit for purpose.  The available solutions have either been raw toolsets that required significant amounts of personnel time and deep technical knowledge to utilize, or were software-enabled services that relied upon synthetic test data to operate.  This type of test data is entirely manufactured, and as a result is incapable of modeling what is actually occurring in a Workday customer’s production environment.  Over 80% of all production problems ended up passing through completely undetected since they live in the production data itself, effectively reducing the value of the testing solution to a 1 in 5 roll of the dice.  Not a great way to ensure that value is being delivered to Workday users, nor to the Company who is footing the cost of Workday every single year.  Unfortunately, there just have not been any good options for automating the testing of Workday BPs, production data, security and integrations.  That is, until now…

TOTAL TaaS™ from TurnKey Solutions fully outsources your testing workload to experts in both Workday and Enterprise End-to-End testing.  Built upon the power of TurnKey’s groundbreaking RainierAEV™ Data-Centric testing platform, TOTAL TaaS™ provides pre-built automated testing for all of the primary modules available from Workday, including HCM, Payroll, Financials, and more.  Delivered via the cloud, TOTAL TaaS™ for Workday utilizes RainierAEV™’s Machine Learning capabilities to scan your specific configurations and condition rules to provide a testing solution fully customized to your tenants on day 1.  As the only Data-Centric testing solution for Workday, RainierAEV™ will mine the data from your tenants using encryption to protect PII and sensitive data, and will then use Business Intelligence (BI) technology to analyze it. With this information in hand, our TOTAL TaaS™ team members will meet with your process owners to provide specific, optimized recommendations on what combinations of your data that you should test, explaining everything every step of the way.  Your team makes the final decisions on what to test, and our team schedules those tests to run fully autonomously from the cloud.  When tests run, identified members of your team get e-mails with direct links to auto-generated reports.  These individuals can also log into their online dashboards to see what has recently run, what is currently executing, and what they have scheduled going forward.  Just a few mouse clicks on the dashboard and your users are looking directly at their visual testing results, including what the Workday screens looked like at every step along the way.

Because north of 80% of all Workday production issues are the result of bad or dirty production data[1], TOTAL TaaS™ leverages RainierAEV™’s Production Analytics™ module to find and help cure these very problems.  As the first and only Data-Centric testing solution for Workday, the Production Analytics™ module within RainierAEV™ visualizes exactly what your mix of transactions looks like in production, based upon the data actually flowing through those transactions.  Both during implementation and at regular intervals, our TOTAL TaaS™ team members will sit down with your process owners to review and explain this information, compare the current BP distributions to prior results, and then advise your team on any recommended updates to your testing targets.  The RainierAEV™ platform automatically turns the selected transactions into tests, ensuring that not only are your Business Processes validated, but that your production data is as well.  With TOTAL TaaS™ for Workday, you will find more problems before they ever get to Production, reducing your support costs, increasing user engagement, and significantly improving the ROI from your Workday investment.

TOTAL TaaS™ for Workday tests more than just your Business Processes and Production Data.  We also cover the testing of your Workday Integrations, which includes the ability to functionally test both upstream and downstream applications for comprehensive End-to-End validation.  The testing of Security Group assignments by Worker is also covered on multiple security levels.  You will be able to make sure that your complete, cross-application business processes run as they should, for the right people, for all of your different data types and combinations. And, all of this testing is provided by our TOTAL TaaS™ team, freeing your personnel to focus on the more important aspects of your business.

[1] Source: Winshuttle Field Survey 2017


Security Groups, SoD & Regulatory

TOTAL TaaS™ for Workday provides you with visual reports showing Tenant-wide Security Group assignments, giving you a comprehensive corporate-level view of your security.  Areas of concern are automatically highlighted and precisely documented, allowing you to quickly focus and rectify problem assignments.

Checks for Separation of Duties (SoD) violations are automatically performed by our team on a cadence that you choose, specifically identifying problems (and why they are problems), allowing you to quickly implement remediations with full Forensic tracking support for your Audit team.

TOTAL TaaS™ provides a wide range of out-of-the-box reports and gives you the option to request fully customized reports to meet regulatory compliance or other types of unique needs.

Interactive, Customizable Reporting

TOTAL TaaS™ for Workday provides a wide range of out-of-the-box, interactive visual reporting that hides unnecessary information while highlighting relevant, important results.  This capability allows you to focus in on issues requiring your attention faster and more seamlessly, significantly reducing management time and avoiding oversight of important results.

TOTAL TaaS™ for Workday gives you the option to request fully customized reports and receive them in just days, providing exactly the information that you, your management, audit team and regulatory compliance officers require.

Configuration & Condition Rule Testing

Whether you are currently implementing or have been using Workday for years, changes to your Configurations and Condition Rules are an on-going reality.  The technology behind TOTAL TaaS™ for Workday automatically captures these changes and then comprehensively tests for impacts by analyzing the effects upon your application data and how that data gets processed.  Based upon this deep inspection, TOTAL TaaS’™ RainierAEV™ platform specifically identifies tests that need to be run and then auto-creates and runs autonomous tests to thoroughly validate the impacts.  This allows you to verify that the new rule does exactly what it is supposed to do – no more, no less.  Every Condition Rule is automatically and thoroughly tested, giving you precise, visual results down to the field level.  Gone are the days of ‘surprises’ caused by corner cases or un-anticipated side effects of a rule change, allowing you to implement changes confidently and without impact to your production environment.

Deep Data Search

Because TOTAL TaaS™ for Workday is based upon the RainierAEV™ Data-Centric testing platform, you have complete access to all of your tests, test data and execution results 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  And because RainierAEV™ tracks and manages all application and testing data down to the field level, at any point you can query the system to see exactly what sets of data have been tested, how they were tested, when they were tested, and the precise results.  This can significantly help in performing root cause analysis, letting you spend less time researching problems while increasing Workday production availability.