Dale Ellis, CEO and CTO of TurnKey Solutions

Dale is the founder, CEO, and CTO of TurnKey Solutions Corp. He is an accomplished test automation process and methodology engineer and has designed test automation frameworks and systems for dozens of Fortune 500 companies. Dale is the lead architect for the TurnKey Accelerator Testing and Documentation Suites for leading ERP/CRM applications, such as Oracle E-Business Suite and SAP, and presents regularly at national and international conferences and trade shows.

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Radhe has been managing director of TurnKey India operations since 2010. He is an Oracle certified database professional with experience in software development, quality assurance, customer and partner training and implementation of TurnKey products across the globe. Prior to TurnKey, Radhe worked for GE, CU Denver, and CRC Boulder in USA and Ranhill, Malaysia. He was also associated with University engagements in both USA and Germany.

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