cFactory Selenium Test Automation


Machine Learning for Enterprise-Level
Open Source Testing


No Recording - No Scripting

Selenium is one of the most widely used open source testing tools worldwide.  However, larger enterprises have quickly found out open source still comes at a cost… Extensive maintenance, lack of support, and technical resource requirements are just some of the downfalls of the traditional open source model.

TurnKey’s cFactory™ for Selenium toolset addresses these pain points by building upon the power of Selenium.  By using integrating Machine Learning, cFactory™ provides a No-Code, No-Recording environment that is 10x faster than other tools available on the market today.  Simply point and click on application screens and cFactory™ uses its rule-based Machine Learning to automatically create reusable test automation.  When paired with TurnKey’s RainierAEV™ test management platform, non-technical users can use simple drag-and-drop to create end-to-end tests easily and quickly.  And when your application changes, cFactory™ will update your automated tests using the same, simple point-and-click process.

cFactory™ for Selenium – Get out of the scripting trap and put the power of Machine Learning to work for you.


In Just a Few Clicks

Significantly lower the time and cost of both creating and maintaining tests

Empower non-technical personnel with No-Code technology

Shift your testing left by substantially reducing the amount of time needed to create or maintain automated tests

Well proven in Agile and DevOps environments to increase test coverage while reducing testing debt

Integrates seamlessly into CI/CD processes via support for Jenkins and other automation servers