Rainer AEV

Data-Centric Autonomous Testing in the Cloud


Find and Fix Your Production Problems Where They Live…    In Your Data

RainierAEV™ marks a new generation in Enterprise Autonomous testing.  Specifically architected for Data-Centric testing, RainierAEV™ finds and helps fix the number one source of problems in Enterprise environments: Application Data.  According to major studies and surveys[1], 80%+ of production software problems for the typical company are caused by bad or dirty data in the application datastore.  This includes Master data and its relationships to other data, configurations and customizations unique to the company.  All of these elements work together during normal operations to process transactions, so a problem in any one of them or between them can cause incorrect results.  Most difficult of all, these problems are typically not across-the-board, but are frequently caused only by specific sets of compromised application data.  That means that most sets of data will process through a transaction perfectly – it is only when you hit that one bad combination of data that you run into an issue.  This creates a formidable problem for the typical company: How do you find and remediate these needles-in-a-haystack that cause you the most pain in production? The answer: Data-Centric testing.

Data-Centric testing involves mining your actual production data, and then applying intelligent analytics to the data in a fully autonomous fashion.  From this analysis, Data-Centric technology will automatically determine the precise sets of Master data that will comprehensively validate all of your application data, configurations and customizations.  Because the results of this analysis can represent a large number of tests, Data-Centric technology can convert these sets of data into fully automated tests without user assistance or any manual effort being required.  After tests are run, Data-Centric technology must also properly visualize results to the user so that the volumes of unnecessary information are hidden, while simultaneously directing users to the relevant results that they need to review.  RainierAEV™ does all this, and more.

[1] Source: Winshuttle survey 2017



RainierAEV™ is a SaaS-native platform born in the cloud. RainierAEV™ is also flexible – you decide exactly where you want your tests to run: On-prem, Public or Private cloud, or in the RainierAEV™ testing cloud.


RainierAEV™ offers out-of-the-box, pre-built autonomous testing and production data analytics for the major ERP/CRM/HCM systems in use today.  Each of our Enterprise Solution Suites includes specialized, application-specific testing capabilities that allow you to get your QA efforts up and running quickly and cost-effectively, while providing outstanding ROI.