Validating Production Data

Validate Your Production Data and Test Your Business Processes…

Annoyed angry businesswoman looking at laptop frustrated about broken computerTHE #1 SOURCE OF PRODUCTION PROBLEMS FOR ERP/CRM/HCM SYSTEMS IS DIRTY APPLICATION DATA

RainierAEV™ finds and helps you fix data problems before they get into Production

A scary statistic: Over 80% of all production issues in Enterprise ERP, CRM and HCM application environments is caused by bad or dirty application data[1].  This includes Master data, such as org structures or employee records; Metadata like configurations and setups; and Transactional data like existing order records, credit scoring, employee leave dates, etc.  One or all of these types of data are used when an Enterprise application processes business transactions, and all data used has to be correct in order for the results of the transaction to be correct.  One wrong data element, or a combination of data elements that do not work together, and you get a wrong answer from your Enterprise system.  And the worst part about application data errors is how hard they are to locate in the first place.  Using a common example, if you are testing the processing of customer orders, most customer/order type combinations will process through just fine.  It is not until you hit the particular customer and order type combo that was setup wrong that you find an incorrect result.  This creates a needle-in-the-haystack problem, where you are looking for these individual, sporadic bad data combinations amongst your entire pool of data.  So how exactly do you address this problem and find these data issues before they impact your production environment and your users?

The answer: Data-Centric testing.  Data-Centric testing is the latest innovation in QA technology that allows you to mine your production data, protect it from unauthorized users via intelligent encryption, analyze it using Business Intelligence (BI) technology, and auto-create autonomous tests for strategically selected business operations and data types.  Data-Centric testing technology does the heavy lifting for you by mining and analyzing actual production data to determine what unique data combinations actually need to be tested, and which can be safely ignored.  Selected data combos are automatically turned into tests without the need for user interaction, and are autonomously executed as well.  You get both detailed and summary reports showing what business operations and data combinations passed inspection, which failed, and the exact reasons why.

RainierAEV™ is the industry’s first and leading Data-Centric testing solution, providing pre-built, out-of-the-box Solution Suites for most of the major ERP, CRM and HCM systems.  This includes Workday, Oracle E-Business Suite and Cloud Applications, SAP ECC 6 and S/4HANA, Salesforce, and much more.  RainierAEV™ also supports third-party and custom applications via its Machine Learning capabilities.  Best of all, RainierAEV™ is an Enterprise-level testing platform, allowing it to run complete end-to-end business processes that cross multiple application environments.  You get comprehensive test coverage for your business processes and data combinations across your entire IT application ecosystem.

[1] Source: Winshuttle survey 2017


Validates Master Data Changes

RainierAEV™ does much more than just test business processes: It allows you to test and validate your production environment whenever you make changes or add new elements to your Master data.  With RainierAEV™, you can test configuration/setup changes, new customizations, and Master data changes with the very same testing runs.

Tests Cross-Application Business Processes

RainierAEV™ is specifically designed to test complete End-to-End business processes that cross over multiple different application environments.  Leveraging its Data-Centric technology, RainierAEV™ tracks data and business flows across every application for each of your core business processes, ensuring complete test coverage from a system-wide perspective.

Validates Application Integrations

RainierAEV™ supports complete End-to-End, cross-application business process testing, with support for multiple types of integration testing built-in.  Whether you need to test APIs, interface files, or run true cross-application functional testing, RainierAEV™ has the support that you need

SaaS-Delivered Platform

RainierAEV™ is a SaaS-native platform that supports testing both
on-premise and cloud-based applications seamlessly.  Providing all of the cost and maintenance benefits of cloud delivery, RainierAEV™ is a modern QA solution for all of your legacy and contemporary application deployments.