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Anarchitecture: ALM and UFT, in One Tool


Your organization needs the right software testing tools to deploy high-quality applications quickly and effectively.

HP Quality Center offers a single, web-based application that supports all essential aspects of test management. It provides a consistent, repeatable process for gathering requirements, planning and scheduling tests, analyzing results and managing defects and issues. This software enables your organization to digitize specific quality processes and procedures within the larger application lifecycle. It also supports high levels of communication and collaboration among your IT team.

The HP Quality Center Agile Accelerator can be imported into Quality Center as a base project to manage both development and testing efforts within the same Quality Center project. It comes with predefined Agile process workflows, configurations and rules to help you manage projects driven by Agile methodology, prebuilt Agile user roles and related privileges, which are easy to configure, and supports Agile reports and graphs to track progress, burn-down, burn-up and velocity.

Software failures can put your business at risk and affect your credibility in the eyes of your customers and stakeholders.

HP Functional Testing delivers an automated testing solution for functional, graphical user interfaces, and regression testing that helps you reduce the risks of application failures. This software testing solution enables your QA team to identify and correct defects across a wide breadth of application environments, data sets and business processes. You can also create sophisticated test suites and easily perform regression testing in constantly changing environments.

HP Unified Functional Testing brings together HP QuickTest Professional, all HP QuickTest Professional add-ins and HP Service Test. This powerful combination of functional testing tools allows you to conduct both manual and automated testing for both Graphical User Interface (GUI)-based applications and non-GUI-based services.

TurnKey suite of Scriptless Testing Software adds power to the HP UFT tool set to accelerate software delivery while eliminating the cost and complexity of test creation and maintenance. The software enables testers to automatically identify changes within the applications and update a full suite of functional tests; this is done without having to search through and manually maintain each test scenario.

Increase Collaboration

Effective communication between developers, business analysts, project managers, and testers helps streamline software development and delivery. HP’s unified platform provides tools to better manage and automate activities, helping teams define, measure and report project milestones and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Accelerate Time to Market

Test automation extends the breadth of coverage for your business critical processes. HP provides a component-based test framework that helps tester easily created functional and regression tests and offers the broadest technology support on the market today.

Maintain Visibility and Control

Broad application visibility and support means the ability to see project releases holistically and drill down into specific activities for each project. HP ALM includes a rich foundation merging business, technical and test requirements definition and management.


Powerful, Unified Management

HP Software ALM solution provides a single, unified platform with complete traceability from requirements, to development and test. Project managers gain visibility into the software development lifecycle, leveraging a single dashboard that brings together key data points.

Continuous Testing with Automation and Virtualization

Unified Functional Testing software helps to test more and test faster with comprehensive, multi-layer testing. Gain higher confidence with complete GUI, API, and end-to-end process tests and automate testing within a real world network.

A Single Testing Tool to Support Your Business

Because your end-to-end business processes span multiple technologies, you need a solution that will test all applications, even new ones. Our solution helps you to validate the broadest range of applications and end-to-end business processes, giving you a more comprehensive tool for your business. With hundreds of software technologies and programs supported, you can minimize cost and complexity using a single, yet powerful testing tool.

“TurnKey and HP have helped create real value for our internal users, which is driving absolute value to our end customers.” – Mary Cathell, QA Manager at Pomeroy