CA TDM Integration


Smarter Testing. Built for Speed.


End-to-End Data Management

TurnKey’s integration with CA Technologies combines the proven performance of Test Data Manager (TDM) and CA Agile Requirements Designer (ARD) with the power of TurnKey’s core dataDriver™ running on the cFactory™ platform. It helps you effectively visualize, generate, and deliver fit-for-purpose test data to the right place, at the right time.

TurnKey’s true data-driven architecture analyzes test data and automatically creates test paths that cover all potential business scenarios helping you achieve true end-to-end automation. And with TurnKey LiveCompare® get anywhere, anytime, SAP impact analysis.


Total Intelligence.

With TurnKey’s advanced auto-maintenance technology, quickly validate changes on demand, allowing you to more fully support Agile and DevOps practices across the full SDLC.

The integrated solution allows you to model application business flows and generate optimized test data scenarios, including extensive test libraries for platforms like Oracle, SAP and others. Quickly export CA Test Data Manager (TDM) generated test data to achieve true, data-driven automation of functional and regression testing.

DevOps Transformed with QA Automation

High Velocity Testing

TurnKey dataDriver™ enables the testing data to determine the actual flow of a test rather than rigid, technically coded test scripts. This allows for a single test case to handle multiple variations when testing a given business process. Combined with true automated and scriptless testing, you can deliver higher quality applications to market faster than ever before. Afterburners included.

Smart but Simple Modeling

Create CA Agile Requirements Designer (ARD) models for custom-created and pre-built automated test libraries in a cinch while supporting the most complex business-critical systems, including Oracle, SAP and more. Leverage CA Test Data Manager (TDM) to generate rich sets of fit-for-purpose test data ensuring edge conditions are met while completely mitigating all risk of exposing sensitive data. All without a single headache.

Ingenious + Efficient Automation

Let’s face it, we’re only human. That’s why automated, end-to-end test execution minimizes the need for manual efforts, mitigating (the rare) human error, lessens defects, and significantly reduces costs. Get back to business and avoid delays by importing test cases and sets directly into CA Agile Requirements Designer flows and Test Data Management pools to auto-generate test data scenarios designed just for you.