cFactory Mobile Test Automation


Mobile Testing that Moves at Your Speed

Automate Testing, Optimize Applications for a Mobile World

There’s no question that mobile devices have become ubiquitous in today’s business environments. In fact, many business-critical apps today are actually designed to be “mobile-first”. But managing business-critical apps across an ever-expanding number of devices and OS’s represents an immense challenge—there is no room for error. These mobile apps feed your core business functions, and exchange between the various systems must be seamless.

TurnKey cFactory™ Mobile provides advanced test automation to accelerate testing for your mobile app environment. Users can quickly test new functionality and rollout high-quality applications with ease. cFactory™ Mobile also tests integration with your front-end and backend systems. This helps accelerate time to value and minimize your overall costs and risk. Empower your developers to support and help drive relevant innovation and deliver increased value end-to-end across your enterprise.

Auto-Create for Faster Test Creation

One of the more time-intensive elements of testing applications is the creation of test components. TurnKey automates that process and eliminates the requirement for scripting. Simple drag-and-drop functionality means the creation of full end-to-end automated test processes is now within reach of your business users, making you more efficient and your apps more effective.

Auto-Maintain for Trouble-Free Maintenance

Today’s applications are in a constant state of evolution, which can create challenges when trying to understand all potential implications across business-critical functions. TurnKey software automatically identifies deviations to your system, allowing you to update your test components with a few clicks of your mouse.

Auto-Everywhere to Support Your Growing Business

TurnKey software works across nearly every common software application, enabling you to test end-to-end business processes across your entire organization.  TurnKey cFactory™ Mobile extends testing to validate solutions across the most common mobile platforms. You can test everything with a single, integrated solution.

Trouble-Free Maintenance

Unlike traditional approaches, TurnKey cFactory™ Mobile extends the value of your current test automation framework—even when new application changes and updates occur. Our software analyzes test screens and scenarios, automatically identifying any deviations to the system. Changes are then presented to you through the highly intuitive user interface, allowing you to update test components with a few clicks of the mouse. Test sets and data are then automatically updated within HP Quality Center.

Secure, Comprehensive Testing Across Devices

Tight integration with Mobile Labs Trust™ allows you to perform automated tests on iPad®, iPhone® and Android™ phones and tablets. Testing is fulfilled through Mobile Labs’ private mobile device cloud, deviceConnect™, providing you with centralized, remote management of testing resources. Real-time monitoring also helps keep your test automation in check, giving you full transparency into test performance and utilization metrics.

End-to-End Testing to Support Your Growing Business

cFactory™ Mobile extends testing support beyond just mobile apps, helping you validate a broad range of software technologies and platforms. Leveraging the power of HP ALM, cFactory™ Mobile streamlines testing for your enterprise applications, supporting hundreds of software technologies and programs including HTML, ASP and .NET, SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft and more.

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