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With the Best Test Automation Platform on the Planet

TurnKey cFactory™ software accelerates time to market and eliminates the cost and complexity of test automation. It’s the only intelligent, data-driven framework designed to streamline testing at each stage of the testing process. Reduce your end-to-end business process, web app, UFT, Selenium, functional and regression testing time and costs while maximizing performance and availability of all your applications. Available on the ground or in the cloud.

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End-to-End Business Process Tests

A single business process can have multiple variations and execution paths. To ensure the highest levels of quality, you need to test them all. cFactory™ leverages ground-breaking application-aware, data-driven technology to help you dynamically generate test cases. With built-in logic and data flows, you can expand your test coverage to include all possible scenarios, allowing you to speed implementation while minimizing risk.

“As an organization, we now function better in our regular business processes—not just in application testing, but in what we actually do as a business.”

-Mary Cathell, QA Manager, Pomeroy

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Effortless, Continuous Maintenance,
In Just a Few Clicks

Unlike traditional approaches, TurnKey cFactory extends the value of your current test automation framework—even when new application changes and updates occur. Our software analyzes test screens and scenarios, automatically identifying any deviations to the system. Then use the highly intuitive user interface to update test components with just a few clicks. Test sets and data are then automatically updated within your test execution engine such as HP Quality Center, Selenium or CA AppTest.