3 Things I Learned at Oracle OpenWorld

3 Things I Learned at Oracle OpenWorld

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Oracle Open WorldI, along with 60,000 of my closest friends, descended upon San Francisco last week to participate in Oracle OpenWorld 2016.

There was a tremendous amount of valuable content, education, information, discovery, debates (over technology as well as politics), and good fun.

With that many people and that much content, however, it’s hard to recap it thoroughly. So here are three things I took away from my travels:

Feels like cheating, but it isn't.1. Even in this age of technology, too many companies are still testing their ERPs and custom apps manually. It surprises me every time, but what I did see this year is that more people are interested in getting out of that rut and into the groove. (Hint: We can help. Fast.)

Handy cloud2. Everything is in the cloud. Or it will be soon. Cloud is great, and yes there is a place for it. There is also a place for on-premise. What really matters is how your business operates and finding vendors who support your needs. Not vendors who require you to work they way they do. (Did I mention we’re flexible?)

Billy Joel3. Last but not least, learn to go with the flow when one of your favorite singer/songwriters cancels at the last minute. Nothing against Sting and Gwen Stefani. Be well Billy Joel, and we hope to catch you next time. (Sigh.)

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