Welcome to the TurnKey Solutions Blog

Welcome to the TurnKey Solutions Blog

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We are launching this blog as part of the launch of our new web presence. A website is of course a great vehicle to tell you about our company, our products and services, about our markets and mostly about the challenges that we help companies solve. Our hope is that we can also effectively communicate our views on the industry, customer successes and our future plans, using this blog as a platform.

This blog will feature a variety of authors and topics, thought leadership and commentary.

Sharing ideas, best practices and industry expertise are just a few of the goals we have. Developing a community with interactive dialogue is one of our primary objectives.

TurnKey has been at the forefront of innovation in the software quality assurance/test automation sector for many years. While the technologies, applications and markets we serve have evolved, our core values and principles have not. We believe in innovation, and we believe in solving hard problems, not just the easy ones. We believe in customer success, defined broadly as our customers exceeding their goals with respect to our products and services, and receiving more value from our partnerships than from other potential technology investments. While we remain focused on evolving our products and capabilities to meet the needs of a dynamic environment, our core values remain reliably old school.

Software Quality Assurance as a market sector is changing dramatically, as are the needs and expectations of our customers, and TurnKey is well positioned to meet these new demands.  As traditional test automation changes and embraces DevOps, Continuous Delivery, Agile methodologies and processes, our technology is at the forefront of delivering on those promises. At TurnKey, these aren’t just new industry buzzwords to use, but real life business challenges and opportunities to meet. So whether your journey is about Shift Left, Mobile apps or ensuring that your mission critical applications are managed without the business risk associated with change, we at TurnKey are here to help.


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