TurnKey Solutions Expands Presence in EMEA with New Strategic Partners

TurnKey Solutions Expands Presence in EMEA with New Strategic Partners

International focus will provide scriptless testing capabilities to HP customers throughout EMEA

turnkey solutions logo    DENVER, CO DECEMBER 02, 2014

TurnKey Solutions, exclusive partner of HP for scriptless automated testing, today announced new international partnerships to expand its presence in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA). The company will work with EOH Europe, FTL Group and Tezza Business Solutions to deliver new, enhanced capabilities in test automation and quality assurance (QA) management, helping businesses efficiently and cost-effectively validate their end-to-end processes.

“Digital transformation has taken hold across enterprises today, requiring IT organizations to deploy quality software features faster and with far fewer resources than ever before,” said Dan Gannon, President and CEO, TurnKey Solutions. “We are excited to partner with this elite group of HP service providers to bring superior products and services to new markets. Together, we will focus on helping our joint customers find new ways to streamline the QA processes while extending value-added services to their end users.”

TurnKey is unique in its ability to provide customers with a more intelligent, data-driven approach to QA and testing. Fully integrated within the HP ALM platform, the software delivers comprehensive, scriptless test automation to help customers deploy new business processes quickly and efficiently. Customers who purchase products and services from TurnKey partners are able to protect their current IT investments and validate a broader range of technology solutions and platforms, from legacy and ERP systems to cloud and mobile solutions.

The joint offerings will provide advanced capabilities in test automation, designed to deliver:

  • Increased agility for companies looking to respond more quickly to business change
  • Full integration with HP ALM to streamline QA testing and management
  • Deeper and broader test coverage to support full end-to-end validation
  • Improved efficiencies including 80% savings in overall maintenance costs

UK-based EOH Europe, an award winning accredited HP Software Specialist, brings a dedicated focus in developing and optimizing business and IT. “We see a growing need for advanced testing solutions across our client-base,” notes Mick Morey, Director at EOH Europe. “TurnKey’s data-driven technology offers much needed intelligence to extend functionality and bring real-world value to test automation. This, coupled with our domain and QA expertise will allow customers to deliver new, quality apps faster and with higher levels of efficiency and cost savings.”

Tony O’Rourke, Director at the FTL Group, an HP ALM Certified Software partner in Ireland, concurs. “Quality software is a key area of focus for many of our European customers. By partnering with TurnKey, we will be able to expand our portfolio and deliver a more comprehensive and dynamic testing platform. As clients move to ‘all things digital’, this increase in automation will help minimize complexity, while empowering businesses to maintain a rapid pace.”
Tezza Business Solutions has seen a surge of opportunity within its target markets. “For our customers throughout East Africa and Nigeria, accelerating delivering of new innovative software plays a key role in achieving business success,” notes Alexej von Radloff, Managing Director at Tezza. “TurnKey’s scriptless testing software gives customers the tools they need to deliver quality solutions faster while significantly lowering operational costs and risk. These efficiencies will help fuel innovation and modernization as our customers pinpoint new market opportunities and ways in which to connect with their customers.”
About TurnKey Solutions
TurnKey Solutions is HP’s exclusive partner for scriptless test automation, transforming the HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) platform into a highly dynamic, easy-to-use and cost-effective test automation solution. TurnKey software leverages a unique, data-driven approach to automated testing, specifically designed to accelerate delivery, while supporting the most widely used software technologies and platforms. The company sells and supports products and services worldwide through its direct sales team and global partner network. For more information, visit TurnKey Solutions.
EOH Europe LogoAbout EOH Europe
EOH Europe is an award winning accredited HP Software Specialist offering test automation guidance and implementation services. Located in Wiltshire, UK, EOH Europe delivers services to an international blue chip customer base throughout Europe, through a combination of flexible delivery models designed to meet the ever changing demands that businesses face on a daily basis. Our mission is to form life-long partnerships with our customers and partners, by developing business and IT strategies, supplying and implementing solutions and managing enterprise-wide systems and processes for medium to large clients.
FTL Group LogoAbout FTL Group
As an HP ALM Certified Software partner located in Dublin, Ireland, the FTL Group works with organizations that deploy or develop Enterprise Software Applications. Our focus is on assisting our clients to deliver high quality software products and improve their time to market. Using HP ALM Software tools, FTL Group has the expertise to bring our clients on a journey to implement best practices in software quality management. http://www.ftlgroup.ie
Tezza Business Solutions LogoAbout Tezza Business Solutions
“Tezza”(te-zza) from the Italian word “Completezza” embodies our commitment to providing IT and Business Solutions that are comprehensive, thorough and complete. Tezza Business Solutions specializes in providing personalized Software Quality Assurance and Testing Services within a streamlined, phased delivery channel. With regional hubs in Nairobi, Kenya, and Lagos, Nigeria, and office expansions currently underway across Africa, Tezza focuses on its primary goal of putting technological solutions to work in practical ways that ensure a healthy bottom-line.

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