TurnKey Solutions™ Announces Issuance of Patent for Evergreen Automation™

TurnKey Solutions Announces Issuance of Patent for Evergreen Automation

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Patent, ideally suited for application testing in DevOps, Agile and Waterfall environments, covers automatic updating of test assets as business processes change, ensuring applications under test are always in sync with test automation. 

DENVER, CO – November 10, 2016 – TurnKey Solutions, the leader in end-to-end business process validation and data-driven scriptless test automation, announces issuance by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for automatic maintenance of TurnKey’s cFactory™ application-aware automated testing solution.

The patent for invention number 9,417,994 B2 genuinely enables continuous delivery by allowing customers to ensure their test cases are always in sync with the application under test. This is innovative, yet crucial functionality in the highly complex and ever changing environments of ERP, enterprise application, web application and legacy mainframe application testing.

Companies relying on these types of applications have their financial future and reputation at stake, particularly if there is a failure. Without the ability to fully, easily, and quickly test these applications, companies often resort to error-prone and spotty manual testing, or they don’t test at all. Additionally, existing test automation solutions struggle with the rapid deterioration of test assets, leaving users unable to identify which tests were affected by a change and how the associated data was affected.

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TurnKey’s newly patented process solves that age old problem of test asset maintenance. TurnKey’s proprietary technology detects changes in the application under test through its application-aware learn process. It then presents to the user a color-coded visual comparison highlighting the difference between the current state of the application and the test components previously created — including every test asset that uses the changed component and the data management structure tied to that component.  These can be set to update automatically or allow the user to decide what to update.

In a simplistic example, consider a new field is added to an application screen, or a change in the order of operation.  TurnKey’s patented Evergreen Automation’s unique mode of action detects the changes and updates the test automation assets across the entire stack so that your test automation remains in synch with the application under test.

“The patent is a result of years of research and development by our Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Dale H. Ellis, and Functional Architect, Ryan C. Jacques,” says Daniel Gannon, President and Chief Executive Officer of TurnKey Solutions. “Our customers have experienced the direct benefits of this capability, resulting in a 90% or more reduction in maintenance effort of the test and data management assets. This is simply not attainable with other test automation solutions in the market today.”

For more information about Evergreen Automation, please visit https://turnkeysolutions.com/cfactory-test-automation-suite/

 About TurnKey Solutions
TurnKey Solutions is the leading provider of scriptless test automation solutions. With over 20 years bringing test automation tools, technology, and processes to market, TurnKey offers deep expertise and a proven path to tapping into the full power of test automation and test data management. TurnKey’s patented Evergreen Automation drives time and costs down by up to 90% for test asset maintenance.

TurnKey’s unique, data-driven framework is specifically designed to accelerate application delivery while supporting the most widely used software technologies and platforms. TurnKey sells and supports its products worldwide with notable Global 2000 clients such as Cardinal Health, Caterpillar, Comcast, First Solar, Merck, and VISA. For more information, visit TurnKey Solutions.

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