Software Test Automation Requires More than Just Cutting-Edge Software

Software Test Automation Requires More than Just Cutting-Edge Software

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test automation strategy diagramSoftware test automation has evolved a great deal over the last 20 years.

While too many companies still test manually, nearly all of them are aware that automated testing is their best, quickest, and easiest path to accelerated deployments.

Surprisingly, industry analysts say that only 5% of companies are testing their packaged apps with automated tools. Those 5% know that this is your best, quickest path to reduced time, defects and costs.

The market is shifting in the last 3-5 years, as organizations proactively work toward improved productivity with less people, time and money.

For the unfortunate few, they are jogged by the negative consequences of issues slipping into production. Consider the international coffee shop that shut down for a half a day due to their inability to process transactions, a major bank that was unable to process payroll for their customers on a payday, and a large manufacturer that could not deliver product just before a major holiday.

David MiletteThese things are completely avoidable, though it takes a concerted effort and the right solutions.

“The right solution starts with the right people and the right process,” says David Milette, software automation industry expert.

Read more in this CIO Review article featuring Mr. Milette.

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