Tapping Into the Value of DevOps in a QA World (Three Part Series Introduction)

Tapping Into the Value of DevOps in a QA World (Three Part Series Introduction)

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I consistently have clients ask me questions regarding the interplay between DevOps and their QA strategy. What is it? What are the benefits? How does this change our QA processes and what’s the best way to implement these changes? Others that I talk to are simply seeking advice on building a solid argument to evolve their QA approach to adapt to DevOps, and working through the mechanics of integrating these processes and people.

The simple reality is that any new process or strategy represents some level of initial investment, whether it’s new software, employee training or just the time associated with overcoming the learning curve of adopting new processes. Many of the clients I talk to are focused on direct financial insights into ROI, which is certainly important. But with DevOps, the true return on your investment is more than just monetary.

We all know the vital role that software applications play in nearly every aspect of business, whether our end users are employees, external customers or both. Today’s apps enable new business functionality, facilitate more efficient processes, and represent new potential for clients and customers to engage, helping build loyalty and generate new streams of revenue. In fact – often times, software applications present the primary brand interface between you and your customer.

On the flip side, if you release an app with flawed functionality or some sort of critical defect, the negative impact to your business can be significant and nearly impossible to accurately measure. Additionally, delayed time to market with new applications or updates can mean lost business and brand impact.

That’s why DevOps is gaining such momentum. But all too often, the implications on QA are not completely tied off.

What we’re trying to achieve with DevOps is an environment where building, testing and releasing high-quality software can happen quickly and in rapid succession.


DevOps essentially acts as the gateway to fulfilling on the tried and true best practice of “find and fix early”.

And to be clear, I’m not just talking about improving efficiency across the full SDLC. I’ve found that DevOps will actually provide your business with the intelligence it needs to more quickly respond to customer demand and exceed expectations—another hard-to-measure metric, but something clearly established as fundamental to business success.

The way I describe the impact of DevOps on Test and QA processes to my clients is that it represents the intersection of three key dynamics—collaboration, automation and performance measurement.

My prioritization of this DevOps trifecta was a catalyst for the creation of this short 3-part series, covering what I believe to be the most important (and often overlooked) elements of establishing effective and efficient Test and QA processes within DevOps. Truth is, it’s probably simpler than you think:

So stay tuned as we dive into each of these sections. And as always, feel free to reach out and let’s make this series a starting point for dialogue around the implications of DevOps in Test/QA, and the best way for any business to start taking advantage of its many benefits. And be sure to read the new TurnKey white paper for the full story around how to build an effective DevOps strategy.

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