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Intelligent Insight for SAP

SAP Impact Analysis.

At Your Fingertips.

TurnKey LiveCompare® gives you the power to identify SAP changes when and where they happen. It automatically locates and updates test sets and data—taking the guesswork out of implementing a change. With TurnKey LiveCompare, rollout new features and functionality to your SAP environment without a second thought.

"Instead of testing everything, we test only what’s impacted. That has translated into direct resource savings of 30-40%."

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5 Steps To Get Precise SAP Impact-based Testing

Those who manage change in their SAP ecosystem well will prosper. For most, however, the defacto standard is to just accept the difficulty and manage it as well as possible, with a little bit of hope and luck that nothing major will go wrong in production.

We think it’s time to change that.

Analyze Anything

Easily and automatically analyze the impact of change on thousands of test sets and data in hours, not days, with TurnKey LiveCompare. From audits through to SAP upgrades, identify how code, config and data is impacted by change, even including security settings.

Compare a Few to Thousands

Compare multiple SAP systems to ensure they are aligned when making change. Transports big or small, TurnKey LiveCompare helps you focus on the most meaningful use tests before moving to production. Automatically drive the quickest path to quality and delivery while overcoming the challenges of dual maintenance.

Test in Seconds

Find, create and update test sets and data in seconds with TurnKey LiveCompare. You can test less without compromising system quality while identifying exactly what to test and why. And you can use LiveCompare with third party test tools such as HPE ALM.

High Speed

For High Risk Apps

Remove all doubt and know which applications need your attention. TurnKey LiveCompare determines your most critical business processes with risk-based prioritization. Stop testing what isn’t affected, and start getting your time and resources back to business.

Pinpoint with precision. Get intelligent real insights of your at-risk solutions. Minimize your testing scope by at least 80%!

Embrace Change

Forget complex or missed changes. TurnKey LiveCompare provides you with automatic change notification and built-in impact analysis. It combines the benefits of HP ALM and SAP Solution Manager for resilient and easy maintenance of your mission-critical processes. Welcome to risk-free upgrades and deployments.

More Automation, More Quality

Easily and automatically update thousands of test sets and data in hours not days. With TurnKey LiveCompare, you are actually optimizing the quality and performance of your SAP applications with every new feature and function added.

Scriptless HP ALM, Really

Ditch the rip and replace. TurnKey LiveCompare leverages your current HP ALM and adds even more value to your test automation platform. Employ scriptless impact-based testing within HP ALM and validate your entire business lifecycle processes, saving you time and money.