SAP Accelerator


Advanced Test Automation for SAP


For SAP Environments

Highly customized SAP environments represent unique testing challenges for any organization. Meeting constant demand for high quality applications is difficult enough, but delivering those custom applications under the pressure of constant change can feel nearly impossible—especially when even small updates can have unexpected ripple effects to other business-critical functions.

When it comes to testing, this can represent immense challenges. To keep pace with the velocity of change, companies often supplement their testing automation strategy with more and more manual testing processes in an effort to keep up. Risk is introduced. Errors increase. Time is spent constantly maintaining tests. And human resources are inefficiently applied.

TurnKey Solutions for SAP can help you overcome these challenges. By leveraging best practice methods, critical business processes can be tested quickly and easily with a single, integrated testing tool. The SAP Accelerator works in tandem with cFactory™ Scriptless Testing to help you achieve faster time to value, even within your highly customized SAP environment. Deploy applications sooner while minimizing the cost and complexity of application testing.

Optimize Automation

Manual testing is costly, slow and lacks the level of coverage needed in today’s high-demand environment. TurnKey Solutions helps you easily extend coverage, dramatically reducing the level of effort and time required to create, update and maintain your tests.

Minimize Maintenance

Typically, only 15% to 20% of an organization’s application testing is actually automated, with the rest of the cycles spent searching through and maintaining old tests. TurnKey Solutions helps automatically identify changes and update your test sets, reducing test maintenance by up to 80%.

Leverage Investments

TurnKey Solutions offers 100% support for the ALM platform, allowing you to fully leverage your existing HP investments. This saves you time, reduces effort and represents the opportunity for you to have a direct impact on your organization’s bottom line.

Scriptless Testing Automation

Leverage pre-built content and test cases to test enterprise SAP applications sooner and faster. The power of our application aware, data-driven architecture helps reduce the number of required test cases while increasing application test coverage. Drag-and-drop scriptless testing allows users across your organization—including Business Analysts and Subject Matter Experts—to test quickly and easily.

Increased Quality and Coverage

Harness the power of automated testing without programming or path locked recordings. With cFactory™ at the heart of our solution, we can deliver an automated, programming-free component generator that works with any application supported by HP UFT, giving you increased testing coverage and quality.

End-to-End Business Process Tests

Because any given business process can have multiple variations and execution paths, you need a tool that can test them all. cFactory™ leverages ground-breaking data-driven technology to dynamically generate end-to-end test cases. And our built-in logic and data flows help you expand test coverage to include all possible scenarios, allowing you to speed implementation and mitigate risk.

Trouble-Free Maintenance

TurnKey Solutions is uniquely capable of extending the value of your current test automation framework, even when new application changes and updates occur. TurnKey LiveCompare® automatically identifies changes to your applications and helps determine which transactions are most “at risk”. cFactory™ then presents these changes onscreen so you can easily update your test sets and data, giving you a highly dynamic test automation framework.

Single Testing Tool Support

Because nearly any end-to-end business process spans multiple technologies, you need a solution that will test all applications—even new ones. cFactory™ validates end-to-end business processes, giving you a more comprehensive tool for your business. With hundreds of software technologies and programs supported, you can minimize cost and complexity using a single, yet powerful testing tool.

“The 7,000 report test cases can be managed from one datasheet using just 12 components.” – Fortune 500 Financial Data Services company