Mobile Testing



Automate Testing, Optimize Applications

for a Mobile World

There’s no question that mobile devices have become ubiquitous in today’s business environments. In fact, many business-critical apps today are actually designed to be “mobile-first”. But managing business-critical apps across an ever-expanding number of devices and OS’s represents an immense challenge. Businesses are applying increased pressure to get mobile apps tested and business-ready, but QA teams are finding it increasingly difficult to keep pace.

TurnKey Solutions deliver comprehensive, highly efficient testing for mobile apps. Now you can extend your test coverage across apps, OS’s and devices, quickly delivering quality mobile products and services to your customers. Empower your developers to support and help drive relevant innovation and deliver increased value end-to-end across your enterprise.

Increase Velocity

Apply intelligent application aware, data-driven technology to your application testing strategy. Increase your speed of testing and more quickly deliver new, innovative solutions that meet and exceed end user demands.

Validate End-to-End

Testing shouldn’t stop with your mobile apps. TurnKey Solutions extend your testing capabilities to all the web and enterprise applications that integrate with your mobile applications to give you complete end-to-end system validation.

Tap into the Cloud

Leverage the power of a secure, mobile device cloud to gain continuous, 24×7 access across all of your devices and platforms. Full flexibility and scalability that lets you test secure mobile devices from virtually anywhere.

High Quality Mobile Apps

Automatically create and maintain your mobile app tests to accelerate testing across an ever-evolving spectrum of OS’s and devices. Deliver higher-quality apps into the hands of your end users to drive increased value to your end users.

Continuous Development

Faster release cycles and the ability to respond faster to changes in business demands require on-going, fully automated maintenance. TurnKey Solutions has the ability to automatically identify changes to your mobile apps and respond with rapid, intelligent updates, saving you time and money.

Intelligent Investments

TurnKey Solutions for Mobile fully leverages your current investment in the HP ALM platform., allowing you to continue to use existing test assets. This provides your business with a common set of tools designed to automate all of your applications.

Single Testing Tool

Because nearly any mobile-optimized, end-to-end business process spans multiple technologies, you need a solution that will test all related applications—even new ones. TurnKey cFactory™ validates end-to-end business processes, giving you a more comprehensive testing tool for your business.

“This is where technology is going.”