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Extreme Test Automation

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with Test Automation from TurnKey Solutions

As companies realize the benefits of Agile development, they are also quickly learning that these processes can pose unexpected challenge for QA teams. Delivering quality in Agile projects means testing iteratively against newly developed code. QA teams must contend with rapid development cycles and have the ability to test from the end-user perspective as early in the development cycle as possible. Optimizing their testing time is critical to the overall process.

TurnKey Solutions software automatically creates and maintains automated, scriptless tests, enabling business users to test early and often and cover all possible scenarios across your business. Our solutions also identify changes to your applications and automatically update your test sets while fully leveraging current investments in functional testing and management technology.

Automate Testing

One of the biggest challenges facing QA teams today is maintaining accurate, quality tests for a constantly shifting app landscape. TurnKey Scriptless Testing enables you to create and maintain tests quickly and easily, without the need for deep technical programming expertise.

Test Early and Often

With Turnkey’s automated testing solutions, you can test applications early and often in the development cycle. Optimize business efficiency and productivity and more rapidly deliver higher-quality applications into the hands of your end users.

Identify Change Immediately

With Agile Development projects, change is something that must be constantly managed. TurnKey software automatically identifies these changes and helps you make updates to tests almost instantly.

Agile Development Support

Automatically create and maintain automated tests. Scriptless testing and a highly intuitive, drag-and-drop interface enable business users to easily create test flows that cover all possible test scenarios, enabling end-to-end system validation.

Automated Automation

Earlier, faster testing of applications has a direct impact on your overall business agility. Reusable Business Process Testing (BPT) components simplify the creation and organization of shareable manual and automated tests for faster deployment and adoption of new game-changing technologies.

Rapid Development Cycles

TurnKey Solutions automatically identifies relevant changes to your applications to proactively address unexpected implications. Necessary changes in test are instantly identified, mitigating any negative impact that these changes can have on your business.

Maintainable Test Automation

No need to rely on your technical team to build and maintain automated tests. With scriptless, automated testing from TurnKey Solutions, you can reduce your automated test maintenance workload by up to 80%.

“We have measured a 35% time savings when developing tests with 25% reuse of components.”
– Fortune 500 Health Care Services company