Become a Know It All

Training That's Above and Beyond

With your purchase of cFactory™, we’ll show you the fastest way to develop reusable, component-based automated tests for any of your high-risk business flows. With 15 years of experience operationalizing test automation for hundreds of customers, we’re experts at maximizing your automation ROI through our in-depth training programs. In just one week, you’ll have a set of automated tests for your regression test pool, giving you a strong foundation from release to release.

TurnKey training covers you from start to finish with:

  • Setting up your environment
  • Creating automated tests
  • Executing and managing tests results

And you get hands-on experience in your own application environment so you are successful from day one.

Your Course, Your Environment

cFactory Onsite Training

Learn to use cFactory and TurnKey’s Accelerators with hands-on examples in your own environment. Available in North America, Central America, Europe and India.

UFT/ALM Onsite Training

Learn the basic concepts and best practices for organizing and managing your tests and test results, scoping your components, and how to group test sets for efficient execution. Available in North America, Central America, Europe and India.

Refresher Onsite or Online Training

If you have staff turnover or just need a cFactory reboot, get customized online or onsite training to fit your staff’s experience and skill set. Available in North America, Central America, Europe and India.

“It was a very fast transition from training to the point where we were implementing tests on our own with TurnKey.” 

Training was very helpful. I went into Monday not knowing anything about automation and came out on Friday with working tests.”