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End-to-End Consulting Services

TurnKey has consultants on staff with test automation experience ranging from 5 years to 30 years.  They are experienced with major ERP/CRM systems including SAP, Oracle EBS, PeopleSoft, SFDC and many more.  We can help you develop meaningful test sets for your most complex applications using our proven process that we’ve perfected with hundreds of customers. Click on any service to learn more.

Services that Go Above and Beyond


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Here’s what you benefit from when you use TurnKey’s Test Automation Engineers and ERP SMEs:

  • Providing our own project managers to ensure that our work is prioritized correctly and completed on budget and on schedule
  • Working side-by-side with you as you’re learning the technology
  • Doing the “hard stuff” and you can ease into test automation and mentor you through your tougher scripts
  • Maximizing your time with your BAs so that they’re not needed for the duration of test automation, freeing them up for their day-to-day activities
  • Scoping your components and build test cases that will ensure maximum reusability for the future

“We automated our largest web application using cFactory…11,000 test cases, 4,000 functional transaction tests and 7,000 report-based tests using only 150 components. The 7,000 report test cases can be managed with from one datasheet using just 12 components.”

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Installation and Upgrades

Increase time to value from ALM, UFT cFactory and TurnKey Accelerator.

TurnKey’s Customer Success Team offers the following:

  • cFactory™ and TurnKey’s Accelerators™ Installation – We’ll not only install, but we’ll also do a thorough analysis to make sure your ALM, UFT, and ERP/CRM application configurations are setup properly and optimized for automation test implementation and execution.
  • ALM and UFT Installation – If you’re new to ALM and UFT, we’ve been working with them for over 15 years—we know what to do and what not to do.  Let our experts install everything for you.
  • ALM and UFT Upgrades – TurnKey provides upgrade scripts and hands-on expertise to help you make a smooth transition from one ALM or UFT release to another.

Mobile Testing

Testing your mobile-application is one of any organization’s biggest challenges, since it’s the beginning of your end-to-end business process. Rapid application UI changes demands quick automation and the ability to adapt on-the-fly.

TurnKey experts provide advanced test automation practices using cFactory Mobile to accelerate testing for your mobile app environment. We help your users test new functionality, rollout high-quality applications with ease, and test integration with your front-end and back-end systems.

We empower your developers to support and deliver increased value across your enterprise.

Strategic Planning

If you’re completely new to test automation or had a difficult time getting automation approved and budgeted within your organization, we can help.

We’ve helped many organizations by assessing the climate and culture, meeting stakeholders about their goals, addressing concerns, and making recommendations about how to begin an automation project. Our methods yield quick results and deliver the most bang-for-the-buck.

We’ll help you present the strategy to your upper management in a way that shows maximum return on investment and the end result will be a clear, concise budget and plan that sets you up for success.

Test Reporting

If you’re struggling to build the test reports that you need from HP’s Dashboards, we can help.

We leverage SureView’s ability to link multiple database environments (not only ALM) to create your own, unique reports. Our Crystal reports developers build what you need, when you need it and we’ll customize the look-and-feel of your own branded reports.

With our powerful SureView technology and our expert consultants, you’ll have reports that reflect metrics that are most meaningful to you.

UFT Add-In Creation

cFactory™ supports everything that UFT supports. Our team of technical experts overcome any obstacle with any technology to make sure you have a UFT add-in that works for your application.

We’ll make sure that the add-in works with either UFT or cFactory™.  A rules base and keywords are provided with the add-in package for use with cFactory™.

We do a full Object Support Analysis (OSA) with you, walking through the test flows that you want to automate so that we ensure that all objects can be recognized and supported. The OSA drives the add-in we develop for you using HP’s Extensibility Accelerators.

And you can purchase optional support so that if objects are added to the application over time, we’ll modify the add-in as needed.

“In 6 weeks you built support for something we had been trying to automate for several years using UFT.”

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