5 Steps to Get Precise SAP Impact Based Testing White Paper


5 Steps to Get Precise
SAP Impact Based Testing

5 Steps

To Get Precise SAP Impact-Based Testing

5 steps to get precise impact-based testing white paper

In this paper you'll learn how to:

It is said that the best organizations run SAP. It is also said that the only thing constant in SAP is change. Those who manage change in their SAP ecosystem well will prosper. For most, however, the defacto standard is to just accept the difficulty and manage it as well as possible, with a little bit of hope and luck that nothing major will go wrong in production.

In this white paper, you will learn:

  1. Understand the full impact of the change(s) across the organization
  2. Pinpoint relevant test assets and identify gaps in coverage
  3. Create and update appropriate test sets and data
  4. Validate the test assets that changed before it goes into production
  5. Test. (Using automated testing, of course.) But test only what matters most.

David Milette
Managing Director

Katherine Wells

Kathy Wells
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