5 Steps to More Effective QA Automation in a DevOps Environment Webinar


5 Steps to More Effective QA Automation in a DevOps Environment

In this session, we discuss five key strategies for improving QA and Delivery within a DevOps environment. Learn how to leverage advanced data-driven testing to dynamically validate your applications, while allowing you to easily and rapidly create and maintain your functional tests.

See in-depth the features and integration of scriptless test automation to ensure broad usability of test components and test assets supporting multiple applications and end-to-end tests; simplified test maintenance to help detect changes with each new software release; and data-driven testing to increase your test coverage and agility.

DevOps, and its predecessor Agile development, provide a gateway to the best practice of “find and fix early.” However, allocating sufficient time and resources to thoroughly test your enterprise applications is a continual challenge – given the frequency and volume of change. With resource constraints and the limitations of today’s existing tools, many business-critical applications go minimally tested while the quality of these applications is fundamental to the business’ success.

Hosted By:

Dan Gannon 

President and CEO, TurnKey Solutions

Jamie Kurt

Manager, Global Sales Engineering, TurnKey Solutions