5 Steps To Get SAP Impact-Based Testing Webinar


5 Steps To Get SAP Impact-Based Testing

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Proactively understand the impact of transports on target systems 
  • Mitigate risk by pinpointing relevant test assets and identifying gaps in coverage
  • Rapidly create and update appropriate test sets and data
  • Efficiently validate the test assets that changed before it goes into production

SAP’s highly sophisticated ERP has become even more complex and intricate over time. Even more so with the introduction of HANA.

Those who manage change in their SAP ecosystem well will prosper. For most, however, the defacto standard is to just accept the difficulty and manage it as well as possible, with a little bit of hope and luck that nothing major will go wrong in production.

We think it’s time to change that.


Hosted By:

David Milette 

President and Managing Director, SQALogic

David holds nearly 20 years of business technology optimization and automated lifecycle management experience with deep knowledge of SAP.

Dave Pickrell

Vice President, Business Development, IntelliCorp

Dave holds over 20 years of automated business process functional testing experience, specializing in the SAP packaged application market.