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“TurnKey is head and shoulders above the rest in terms of maintainability, efficiency and ease of use.”

-Brendan Woods, Group Head of Systems Delivery, Almac

Almac Cuts Testing Time From 3 Months to 3-4 Days


In March 2014, Almac undertook a major project that included:

  • 9 months of testing
  • 7 manual test cycles (4729 manual tests executed)
  • Team of 20 business users and business analysts
  • 3 month end-to-end user acceptance test cycle

In the end, it was clear to them that test automation would add tremendous value. They just didn’t realize yet how much.


  • Cut end-to-end testing from 3 months to 3-4 days
  • Eliminated need for 20 people to assist in the process (reallocated)
  • Increased test coverage across entire end-to-end business processes
  • Found defects earlier in the process (when they are easier and cheaper to fix!)

Pomeroy Cuts Time and Effort to Generate Test Components by 80%


When Pomeroy upgraded their Oracle EBS system, they faced:

  • Lack of bandwidth and internal talent for script automation
  • Imperative to maintain near six-sigma quality for all client facing applications
  • A fragmented and inefficient approach to applications testing
  • A constant state of relentless innovation with no time to waste


  • Generated test components 80% faster, resulting in more thorough testing and
    higher quality applications
  • Increased ability to rapidly develop and release applications
  • Empowered business users to effectively test applications without scripts or code
  • Simplified customization  with drag and drop interface to easily tailor test cases that met their unique business processes and scenarios
Pomeroy success story

“As an organization, we now function better in our regular business processes – not just in application testing, but in what we actually do as a business.”

-Mary Cathell, QA Manager, Pomeroy

Solar Energy Pioneer Replaces SAP TAO


  • SAP’s Test Accelerator & Optimizer (TAO) was confusing, time consuming, and highly error prone
  • Tribal knowledge and manual effort left the team with 720 hours of work to sort out TAO scripts
  • Updating data sheets was painful and took 660 hours to complete


  • Converted TAO scripts to cFactory in approximately 2.8 weeks with 2 people
  • Measured a 70% reduction in man hours per monthly test cycle
  • Increased confidence and reduce risk in every release
  • Eliminated a high-priced consultant and brought all knowledge in-house

“We moved from the high risk, error-prone and resource intesive SAP TAO to TurnKey in 2015. Now we have high confidence in our releases, better coverage, and unbeatable ease-of-use with cFactory. And TurnKey provides the best support around.”

IT Testing Team Lead

Oracle Applications R12 Installation 022

“Our major goal was to be able to patch, move code, and upgrade Oracle applications across our global organization without it taking 4 weeks. TurnKey helped us cut that time by 75% and gave us greater control and confidence in our deployments.”

Director of Application Delivery

Company Accelerates Continuous Delivery Cycles by 75%


  • Testing their Oracle applications was time consuming and error prone
  • Manual effort more than 4 weeks for critical cash flow processes
  • Confidence was not high for patches and upgrades


  • Cut test cycle time 75% for 2 large cash flow processes
  • Moved from error-prone manual testing to full test automation
  • Accelerated Continuous Delivery initiative with better coverage earlier in the cycle

Global Biotech Firm Saves Months of Time Testing SAP


  • Constant changes to SAP and integrated web applications
  • Lack of end-to-end business process validation in multi-application landscape
  • Disparate systems from growth through expansion and acquisitions increased opportunity for failure
  • Rigid compliance and regulatory demands required strict version and security control standards


  • Eliminate months of time to create test cases with SAP Accelerator
  • Cut time and cost by more than half to create and maintain test automation
  • Created seamless integration with highly customized HP ALM
  • Built full end-to-end business process validation across integrated, multi-application landscape
General image

“Innovation is what scriptless test automation is about. Cutting costs are a by-product. Once you’ve implemented it, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.”

Financial Institution

“Next-generation automation capabilities have represented a hug increase in the speed and quality of automated testing.  TurnKey’s software has proven extremely valuable in its ability to support the high volumes of regression testing required.”

-Former Group VP, Leading Financial Institution

Leading Financial Institution Sees 5x Reduction in Test Time


A leading financial institution serving a broad range of retail, business and institutional clients requires high performing business applications to run their business. When reviewing their processes, they faced:

  • High cost to maintain scripts
  • Inability to quickly deploy Oracle EBS 11 and other applications across the enterprise
  • Constant states of iteration and evolution for over 600 applications
  • Requirement to manage sensitive business data with utmost security


  • 5x reduction in time and effort required to maintain automated tests
  • Expanded test coverage
  • Implemented an intelligent, data-driven approach
  • Achieved a more agile, efficient deliver of higher quality applications, meeting the demands of their business
  • Leveraged existing HP ALM investment

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