Intelligent Insight and Impact-Based Testing For Enterprises Using SAP

Intelligent Insight and Impact-Based Testing For Enterprises Using SAP

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   Intelligent Insight and Impact-Based Testing For Enterprises Using SAP

TurnKey Helps Customers Get Close to Risk-Free SAP Deployments Fast

DENVER, CO – May 26, 2016 – TurnKey Solutions, the leader in end-to-end business process validation and data-driven, scriptless test automation now offers a unique solution to get companies closer to risk-free SAP deployments. Impact-based testing for the entire cross-platform SAP ecosystem done with intelligent insight and surgical precision is the key.

TurnKey’s solutions give companies long overdue visibility and control to:

  • pinpoint precisely what will be affected in any given change or transport;LiveCompare SAP Upgrade Dashboard
  • identify gaps in existing test assets;
  • generate any newly needed test cases;
  • test only what is affected; and
  • prioritize high risk business processes.

According to various customers, knowing exactly what is affected, and testing only that, has saved 30-40% in direct resources, and reduced testing scope by 80%.

“Business agility means being able to act faster, with more confidence and reliability, than any of your competitors,” said Daniel Gannon, Chief Executive Officer for TurnKey Solutions. “Just one defect slipping through an SAP deployment costs organizations money, reputation and customers. TurnKey enables companies to respond quickly to the relentless changes required to stay innovative and reduce business risk.”

“As a long-time SAP expert, I see companies regularly investing large amounts of money into SAP and SAP services to ensure it works optimally,” says David Milette, President and Managing Director of SQALogic. “TurnKey empowers companies to get more value of that investment. Without this technology to identify what to test, it is a high-cost manual effort fraught with opportunities for errors and delays. This solves that problem so companies are not flying blind.”

For more information, please visit our LiveCompare page.

 About TurnKey Solutions

TurnKey is the leading provider of end-to-end business process validation for your complex critical business systems. We give businesses such as Caterpillar, Cardinal Health, Visa, Merck, and First Solar the intelligence they need to respond to customer needs and maximize the quality of the applications for the end user.

TurnKey customers have experienced ROI at unprecedented levels, such as cutting test time from 3 months to 3 days, reallocating 20 talent resources to high value projects, and increasing test coverage.

Our experts have been bringing test automation tools and technologies to market for more than 20 years with a portfolio of products and services that accelerate delivery, lower costs, and meet the demands of a more dynamic testing environment.  Visit TurnKey Solutions for more information or contact to schedule a live product demonstration today.

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