From Handcuffed to Highly Competitive CA Technologies Podcast

From Handcuffed to Highly Competitive CA Technologies Podcast

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Every large enterprise organization is in the software business. JP Morgan Chase employs nearly 30,000 programmers. To put that in perspective, that’s nearly 10,000 more programmers than Google, according to Google’s Annual Report.

Why would a financial company have a software team bigger than Google?

  • Because software fuels their commerce and runs their business.
  • Because customer loyalty is earned or lost in seconds.
  • Because one mishap can be deadly to the brand and to the bottom line.

dan gannonDan Gannon, CEO of TurnKey Solutions, was recently interviewed by CA Technologies about the software test automation industry.

Listen to Episode 8 of CA’s Partner Cast, or read the highlights below.

From Handcuffed to Highly Competitive

IT departments are, by necessity, risk averse. In many cases they are handcuffed by the very real need to “above all, do no harm.” Companies are hesitant to make changes that will dramatically improve their business because they don’t have the ability to understand the impact of that change. And one change gone wrong can be disaster.

Dan talks about how it is “devilishly difficult to test every possible way that an application can be used, and every possible device on which it can be used. There are literally millions of potential ways an application works.” Human beings, no matter how good, cannot fully test the sheer enormity without introducing some level of human error. Technology can, however. And at high rates of speed.

TurnKey’s end-to-end business validation built on scriptless automated testing solves the problem for companies across industries, around the globe.  Coupled with CA Technologies’ groundbreaking solutions to provision and generate test data that makes for meaningful use tests enhances the value. Actually testing what needs to be tested.

In the Real World

The need for companies to have the agility to push out new features, products, and services is critical to remain competitive. Those who do it well will prosper. (We want you to prosper.)

“It’s a zero sum game. It only takes one catastrophic outage to have enormous damage to your brand. You don’t get do overs. Having these applications function properly is core to all commerce today. And even more so for regulated industries.”

In the highly regulated pharmaceutical industry, one TurnKey customer went from an 18 week testing cycle with 40 people to less than 2 weeks with just 2 people.

Let me repeat that.

They went from 18 weeks with 40 people to 2 weeks with 2 people.

This sort of business agility makes that company far more competitive, and delivers millions of dollars in cost reduction to their bottom line.

On top of that, their test coverage increased in breadth and depth. They are now able to validate the functionality of their apps, reducing business risk and giving them confidence in implementing software changes that improve their business.

Macro Trends

There is increasing reliance on software apps as fundamental to the business and business differentiators.

Demand for increased velocity is rising rapidly, making it essential to be responsive and have the business agility to meet competitive threats — all while continuing to innovate.

Businesses must be able to quickly validate their applications to make sure they all work exactly as they’re designed to, so they can meet their customer expectations better than their competition.

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