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Our leadership team is committed to driving transformation in data-driven test automation for mission critical applications.

Dale Ellis, CEO and CTO of TurnKey Solutions
“A clear understanding of what pains a company faces, the priorities given to addressing them, and operational processes for decision-making leads to faster solutions.”
—Dale Ellis, Founder & CTO

Dale is the founder, CEO, and CTO of TurnKey Solutions Corp. He is an accomplished test automation process and methodology engineer and has designed test automation frameworks and systems for dozens of Fortune 500 companies. Dale is the lead architect for the TurnKey Accelerator Testing and Documentation Suites for leading ERP/CRM applications, such as Oracle E-Business Suite and SAP, and presents regularly at national and international conferences and trade shows.

Dale lives in Golden, Colorado, with his family and very hungry pet beagle. Dale likes to ski, hike, mountain bike, and generally enjoy the great outdoors in Colorado. Dale also likes to travel, much to the dismay of his wife—if you see them in the airport, please offer your condolences or verbal support. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

“With 25+ years of global experience in different capacities, together with a great team working here, we will meet our future goals and help TurnKey see our best days.”
—Radhe Tripathi, Managing Director, TurnKey India

Radhe has been managing director of TurnKey India operations since 2010. He is an Oracle certified database professional with experience in software development, quality assurance, customer and partner training and implementation of TurnKey products across the globe. Prior to TurnKey, Radhe worked for GE, CU Denver, and CRC Boulder in USA and Ranhill, Malaysia. He was also associated with University engagements in both USA and Germany.

Radhe lives in Gurgaon, India, with his wife and 2 boys. In his spare time, Radhe helps his dad in a family established college in rural India as part of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiated by the Government of India. He enjoys yoga, meditation, hiking, world travel and teaching people the value of breathing techniques.

“Our success is measured directly in relation to the success of our customers. What we do is measured by what they gain.” – Jamie Kurt, Director of Customer Success

Jamie has over 18 years of experience in the IT space, with an emphasis on development and test management. Starting out as a mainframe developer and SAP support analyst, he eventually found himself building test automation capability for multiple applications for a large company. Today he is the Director of Customer Success for TurnKey Solutions, leveraging his expertise and talent for solution finding to help customers maximize their test automation gains.

Manually creating automation scripts is not enough to survive the pace of change in the current business world. You need to automate the automation and that’s what TurnKey has been pioneering and I am excited to join them.” – Greg Messer

Greg has been working with business data for several decades. Over the course of his career he has helped build  two successful technology start-ups. His broad experience has helped him thrive as both an individual contributor and a leader in professional services and sales engineering. Greg joins the TurnKey Leadership team as Director of Sales Engineering.