Live Demo: SAP Impact-Based Testing



SAP Impact-Based Testing Webinar

Join us in this small group setting to see exactly how you can cut testing time and increase your coverage and confidence when changes are made in SAP.

Get the latest info on best practices from direct experience and deep expertise, and get your questions answered.

Learn how to:

  • Mitigate risk by pinpointing relevant test assets and identifying gaps in coverage
  • Proactively understand the impact of transports on target systems 
  • Rapidly create and update appropriate test sets and data
  • Efficiently validate the test assets that changed before it goes into production

Presenter:  Jamie Kurt

Jamie’s 18 years in QA, IT development and test management started with Accenture as a mainframe developer, then as a SAP support analyst.  A few test management roles later he found himself building test automation for multiple applications across the global biotech enterprise, Amgen, where he implemented TurnKey Solutions.

Jamie Kurt - presenter

Jamie’s appreciation for what automated business process validation could do for others in his field led him to join us. He will share his direct experience throughout the demo, and always welcomes your questions.

sap impact based testing

Join Us June 8, 2017