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Validate Mission-Critical Applications with Intelligent Scriptless Testing

TurnKey cFactory™ software accelerates time to market and eliminates the cost and complexity of test automation. Our software includes the only intelligent, data-driven framework specifically designed to streamline testing at each stage of the testing process. We help you significantly reduce the time and cost of conducting functional and regression tests, while increasing the performance and availability of all your applications.

Auto-Create for Faster Test Creation

One of the time-intensive elements of testing applications is the creation of test components. TurnKey automates that process and eliminates the requirement for scripting. Simple drag-and-drop functionality means the creation of full end-to-end automated test processes is now within reach of your business users, making you more efficient and your apps more effective.

Auto-Maintain for Trouble-Free Maintenance

Today’s applications are in a constant state of evolution, which can create challenges when trying to understand all potential implications across business-critical functions. TurnKey software automatically identifies deviations to your system, allowing you to update your test components with a few clicks of your mouse.

Auto-Everywhere to Support Your Growing Business

TurnKey software works across nearly every common software application, enabling you to test end-to-end business processes across your entire organization. TurnKey cFactory™ supports hundreds of software technologies and programs—from HTML, ASP and .NET to SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft and more—empowering you to test them all with one comprehensive, integrated solution.


Comprehensive, End-to-End Business Process Tests
A single business process can have multiple variations and execution paths. To ensure the highest levels of quality, you need to test them all. cFactory™ leverages ground-breaking application aware, data-driven technology to help you dynamically generate test cases. With built-in logic and data flows, you can expand your test coverage to include all possible scenarios, allowing you to speed implementation while minimizing risk.

Trouble-Free Maintenance
Unlike traditional approaches, TurnKey cFactory™ extends the value of your current test automation framework—even when new application changes and updates occur. Our software analyzes test screens and scenarios, automatically identifying any deviations to the system. Changes are then presented to you through the highly intuitive user interface, allowing you to update test components with a few clicks of the mouse. Test sets and data are then automatically updated within HP Quality Center.

A Single Testing Tool to Support Your Business
Because your end-to-end business processes span multiple technologies, you need a solution that will validate end-to-end business processes, giving you a more comprehensive tool for your business. TurnKey has the power to test and support hundreds of software technologies and programs, helping you minimize cost and complexity by using a single, fully integrated testing tool.

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“We have been using TurnKey Testing software for a while now to develop our automated testing suite. Our testers have found cFactory’s screen shot capabilities and ease in creating component customizations user friendly and valuable in saving time when developing automated tests.” – Julie Myerholtz, Office of the CIO at First Solar